Sunday, April 26, 2009


Now that my labs are back, it turns out that their aren't as many restrictions or suggestions on what I eat as I thought. As has been the silver lining on this all around, it turns out that most aspects of my health other than my kidney function are actually quite good.

Each day as I go to dialysis and see the other people who are clearly in much worse health and much more pain than I am, I realize how lucky I am. Most of these people have been doing dialysis for years, and I only have to do a couple of months. So, even though this is unpleasant, and I'm starting to experience more dizzyness and lightheadedness from the dialysis lately, I still feel very fortunate.

Best wishes to my kidney donor, Ryan Poole, who open "Treasure Island" at Hale Centre Theatre this week. I'm excited to see the show.

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