Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I'm Doing

A lot of people keep asking me what I'm doing to keep busy and stay sane during all of this. First of all, "stay sane" is perhaps the wrong term.

I'm doing a lot of writing. Over the last month I wrote a feature-length screenplay, "Dungeons & Daydreams", based on a short film I made in 2006. I'm very happy with the the way it turned out, and I think it's one of my better efforts. I'm also working with Eric Jensen on a potential script for next season at the Off-Broadway Theatre. If it continues to go well, the reulting play will be very much in the vein of "MorMAN" (which some of you saw).

Other than that, a lot of my time is spent playing with and taking care of my neice and nephew Carson and Kaylee, who are my favorite thing in the world. They're having a little bit of trouble adjusting to the fact that they have to be careful of the "owie" on my shoulder when playing with me, and keeping asking about when I go to "the big hostipal". Carson (4 years old) occasionally gives me advice based on his experience with the time he went to the hospital as a two year old for swallowing his Grandma's medicine.

And, of course, I'm watching a lot of movies. I'm very much in a "Star Trek" phase right now, reliving all of the old movies and TV episodes before the new film opens.

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Leisl said...

When you're ready to have that screenplay proofed, let me know. I know a great proofreader. :-)