Saturday, February 14, 2009


So far, I have had two people tested as potential donors. Both have been good matches, but for various reasons they were unable to donate.

I have been placed on the donor list, but there are, in many cases, waits of up to a year and a half for a donor. Other people are being tested as well.

Anyone who is interested in being tested and has type O blood (positive or negative doesn't matter) can call the IHC Transplant Center at 801-507-3380 and ask to speak to Kristy Baker, my transplant coordinator.

Thank you.


marina atherton said...

I just saw this news report on kidney transplants and I thought of you, you've probably heard of it already, but it's good to know there are new things happening to makes more transplants available. I'm thinking about you, and I am sending all my best wishes your way.

marina atherton said...

oops... did I post the link to the news thing?


Sally said...

You're in our hearts and prayers as always. Please keep us "in the loop" for movie night whenever (no pressure). I hope you guys know I count you as sons and dear friends. Hope and moments of wit and wisdom. Mama Hintze