Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We are having trouble finding a donor match. We are having plenty of people coming forward offering to best tested, and a fair number that have been tested, but no luck in finding a match so far. Frankly, I am very scared.

This Saturday night and Sunday we will be praying and fasting for a donor match. Please join in this, if you are so inclined. I recognize that many of the wonderful people who are following this cause are not LDS, or even religious, and I love and respect all of you and your various beliefs. Please participate in anyway you see fit - just keeping Paul in your thoughts is fine. All of the positive energy we can get will help.



Leisl said...

Thoughts, prayers and energies will continue to be sent. All paths lead up the mountain, right? With Paul's consent, I would like to add him to some prayer and healing circles.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine recently donated her kidney to her dad...sort of. It turned out that she wasn't a match for him, but they were able to do a swap so that someone else got her kidney in exchange for a kidney for her dad. A google search of "kidney swap" gets a few hits of news articles about this kind of transaction - sometimes cartwheeling into several recipients and their non-matching family members. Might be something to look into.

Very, very best wishes - you are in my prayers.

Amanda said...

Oh Paul. You're loved so much. I wish that you and your family didn't have to worry like this.
I just KNOW you'll be fine. EVERYONE is pulling for you. There is NO way this won't work.

Paul Gibbs said...

I would very much appreciate being added to the prayer and healing circles. Thank you.