Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

I would like to offer my most profound, humble and sincere thanks to all who have contributed. I have been trying for days to find the right words to adequately express my gratitude and emotions, and have finally accepted that I have no such words. I'm pretty good with words, but the love and kindness you have shown me touches more deeply than I can express.

Many people have payed me the huge compliment of commenting on my strength through all of this. I don't know if I deserve that or not. I am holding up the best I can, but I don't always feel that strong. The truth is, I can't beat this. The good news is, God can, and He is going to let me help. And He hasblessed me with incredible, caring and selfless friends like you. If people like you care enough to help, I must be worth saving.

Thank you, and I love you all.

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