Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Again

Yesterday, I returned home from my weeklong stay at the hospital for the nephrectomy, which they tell is by far the more trying of the two surgeries. Thanks Heavens for that, because this one was very difficult indeed.

Forunately, throughout this entire process, I have been blessed with an incredible family aand freinds, and also with some of the best doctors I've ever had (and I've had a LOT). In particular, my nephrologist, Dr. Joespehine Abraham, and the tranaplant suregon, Dr. Diane Alonzo, are terrific. Dr. Alonzo posses by far the most important qulaity for a surgeoun, by which I mean she reminds me of Hawkeye.

One of the things that got me through the hardest times in the hospital was the thought I am not unlucky to have this happen to me, I am phoneomenally lucky to be surviving it. But, most of all, what got me through was what's got me through is what has gotten me through everything: love. From family, friends, and my Father in Heaven.

Thanks to everyone for all of their thoughts, prayers, Reiki, positive energy, jokes, DVDS, "Indiana Jones" memorabilia . . . whatever you sent me at the hospital. I love you all.


A Good Husband said...

I'm glad you're home. My prayers are with you as you prepare for the transplant.

Jami said...

You're amazing, and I am in awe of your strength and your positive attitude. Our prayers for you are many and we are so glad that you are doing well!